Happy Friday Everybody!

There’s something in the air and it is electricity of a long weekend…I know…i can feel it too.

So…without further ado…here is my Friday Fab Five List:

1. Songza–it’s one of the few streaming music Pandora like apps that I can access in Canada.  I have used it to discover some really great music and relieve my youth thanks to copious amounts of 90’s music playlists.  I highly recommend adding it to your mobile device and listening to it while online.

2. Joe Fresh–it’s sorta like the line that Issac Mizrahi did with Target…except that the designers from one of my favourite stores, Club Monaco, does the Joe Fresh line.  It’s slowly coming to the U.S. (they just opened a store in NYC).  I got the most amazing coloured denim in cobalt for $19!  This is much more my speed in light of my new, more frugal approach to shopping.  I might…MIGHT just go back and get the red pair, too…it’s just too good of a deal, especially when you have $10 in coupons to use!

3. The blog One Twenty Five.  It’s about a lovely woman named Liz who struggles with her weight, but is a runner and a crossfitter and a Canadian living in Melbourne, Australia.  I get nostalgic of my trip to Melbourne and homesick for time with my Aussie friends and live vicariously through her gutsy trip abroad.  I also relate to all of her struggles on weight loss, gain, eating and exercise.  I feel like we could totally be friends in real life,which is truly what I think makes the blog extra awesome.

4. Instagram.  Granted, I was a bit late to the game on this one…but now I am totally, absolutely, hooked.  If you wish to follow me and my goofy pics you can find me at marqueemarquido. <iframe src=”http://followgram.me/marqueemarquido/widget” style=”height:27px;” frameborder=”0″>

5. Printing digital photos.  I am several years behind on my scrapbooking. It’s something I did when I was in grad school as a contrast to my less than creative/artsy education and it did the trick…along with a nice glass of red wine.  Then the idea of full-time work and a goal of losing a crapload of weight and getting fit came into play and my scrapbooking went to the wayside.  I am going to try to get back into it during the fall and winter months but I need to print out photos and I’ve got a big order to pick up this weekend.  Don’t get me wrong..digital photos are great (i mean, hello!? My new obsession with Instagram), but there is something truly lovely about printed photos.

What are five things you are finding to be fab this Friday?

Luv Leesah