Week 10–here we go…

Sunday (Aug 26)

1. My headache went away, eventually, after many pain pills and about 6 hours of sleep.

2. True Blood nights–they are seriously fun and one of my favourite things about summer. I am already excited for next year’s awesomeness! 🙂

3. Leftover Chinese food. Somehow the leftovers taste even better than when it’s fresh.


1. I had another day off–I’m especially grateful for this given that my sleeping the day prior had ruined my sleep schedule and I was up until 4am.

2. I got up moderately early and had a rather productive day–including the purchase and set up of a router in my house. Massive anxiety about the set up and it was all for not! Guess I’m not as tech stupid as I thought.

3. Ran a slow but refreshing four miles. Always nice. 🙂


1. Had the discipline to workout right after work. Was such a great and empowering feeling and it was so nice to have it done so early.

2. Drinks with my friend J whom I hadn’t seen in a long, long, long while. Was super nice to catch up–must resolve to hang with her more than once every 3-6 months.

3. Granville Island Maple Cream Ale. The delicious beer I drank with my friend J. Amazing. It’s a Canadian beer so it might be hard for Americans to get, but OMG…amazing…especially when enjoying a patio on a hot summer night.


1. I survived a run in a super humid 38 degrees celsius. It wasn’t pretty and i had to walk..but I got in four miles. Cray-zay. I’m so happy and thankful that I didn’t die, pass out or vomit.

2. Dinner at Famous Dave’s with my running buddy O. Was sooo much fun. I don’t get to see the Mr. O that often, but when I do, it is always a great time.

3. Air conditioning. No explanation needed except see #1 above.


1. My last two cross fit assessment/lessons are going to be complete as of Saturday morning. Though, that also means I will be doing cross fit twice within about 14 hours…so I might be dead by the end of it…but hey…atleast my assessments will be done.

2. Hanging out with friends I don’t see often…again. Today was my last night of that with my friend who’s wedding I went to a few weeks ago in Windsor. Was super nice to see her, despite her being in the ‘Peg for reasons that aren’t so happy.

3. The cobalt blue skinny jeans I got from Joe Fresh at Superstore. They are $19 and incredible…and well, if you count my super bucks coupons, they are actually closer to about $10. LOVE!


1. It’s the last work day of the week and it’s a long weekend. Aside from my two cross fit assessments and a night of drinkies with a friend I have no plans. Am super pumped. Am totally making up for my sickly times last week and incoporating a lovely balance of being productive and relaxing this weekend. Can’t wait.

2. I did really well at my cross fit assessment. Worked hard and felt awesome.

3. Post cross fit, i relaxed, which is always hard for me to do on a Friday.


1. Completed my final cross fit assessment. And I mastered power snatches!

2. I donated blood today– two consecutive appointments–yay for high iron!

3. Super cute and super nice barista at Starbucks this am!