….except for my cross fit “trainer.” 2 crossfit workouts in 14 hours is a whole lot.

I think this might’ve been my most favourite long weekend of the summer…well…aside from May long, when I ran my PR in Fargo.

But this weekend wasn’t about half marathons and marathon cross border shopping…this was about me. Doing whatever I wanted and that was such a wonderful thing. I worked out. I cleaned. I shopped (groceries). I stretched. I filed. I shredded. I donated. I recycled. I socialized. I baked. I laundered. I cooked.




So fabulous that today sucked in comparison. I hate that let down after several days of awesomeness. My planned seven mile run died after 1.5 miles because my achy swollen knee decided to make an appearance again–which is making me a bit nervous as time is flying by and I have very little time to get my endurance up to a point where I won’t die in my October half marathon. Combine that with the fact that I barely slept last night and work was totally unproductive and long.

The plus side, however, is that this meh day hasn’t had the impact that they have had in the past. Normally I would wallow and think of all the horrible things in my life and likely medicate with several hundred calories of emotional eating. Instead, I did productive things. I washed my make up brushes, returned stuff to the library, road the stationary bike in lieu of my run, and rehabbed my knee with some stretching/foam rolling/ice & heat.

I am thinking that this might be a result of that crazy gratitude challenge. It seems to be providing me much needed perspective on things like the fact that a few bad things in a day doesn’t mean life is horrible…and truthfully a bunch of great things could happen tomorrow and make today’s irritations a thing of the past.

This change of perspective…well, if that isn’t something to be grateful for than I don’t know what is. 🙂

Much luv,