Balance is something that I couldn’t find this weekend.  Instead I felt completely off my game and headachy which brought forth an urge to comfort eat that I haven’t experienced in awhile….which, sadly I succumbed to in a big way.

It sucked too…in terms of timing because I was feeling pretty rock solid in the earlier part of the week.  Before the weather started wreaking havoc with my head, I was eating a ton of veggies, very little starchy carbs and my weight was down like 5 lbs.  In fact, the only thing that was off for me during the week was my sleep…which, arguably may have been a contributing cause to the headaches (along with the weather).   

Despite my sleep deprivation and a slight headache on Thursday and Friday, I really felt like I was on track and ready to hunker down and start my half marathon training in earnest (my race is soo close…1 month and 9 days away)…and get into my cross fit regime…but my head took me down and sent me freewheeling into a sugar and white flour coated hell.  I have definitely found the five lbs that I had lost…and perhaps a few more–I’m too frightened to go on the scale.

I have a doctor’s appointment coming up–I may ask to try, on a test basis, some more powerful or perhaps preventative meds to see if I can level off some of these icky days.  Even if it’s only during times of crazy weather pattern shifts (like spring and autumn).  It might be worthwhile as an approach to keep some normalcy in my life–especially with my plans to get out in the dating world.  It is not ideal nor good for my dating life to have to cancel dates because I feel too sick to go.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to come up with some ways to avoid this emotional eating response to headaches lasting longer than a day.  Especially since I know this won’t the last time I have to deal with this situation.  One key lesson that I have learned is to not keep cookie dough logs in your freezer.  It seems like a good idea at the time–but the moment you are in the midst of an urge to eat, it is all too easy to slice off a few “cookies” and munch on their raw cookie dough goodness.

So…on that note…I am going to sign off.  My head feels a little stuffy today–but that might just be from all the sugar.  I hope to burn it all off today and make the rest of the week all about balance and health.

Much luv,