There are many pluses and minuses to being on the road for work with any sort of regularity. Your immense hate and lack of patience for ignorant people and airports is sky high. You appreciate changes of scenery. You miss your regular routine. You enjoy the change in your routine. You learn to pack lightly and quickly and all carry on. You learn how to cleverly pack newly acquired purchases in one tiny bag and a purse. You learn a new city without having to move there. You have an excuse to go out for dinner without a whole lot of guilt because I am not too likely to be cooking a full meal in my hotel room. You learn to be resourceful and enjoy eating deli meat from the grocery store with a prepackaged veggies and dip on the side. You learn to appreciate those who do not wear too much cologne and those that wear deodorant. you learn to embrace the people who don’t get the hint that you have entered your personal cone of silence and am not Ina chatty mood. You hate the poor excuse of a hotel gym. You welcome the idea of a new running route. Warnings of bad weather strike fears of epic proportions. You enjoy driving a brand new car and not having to wash or maintain it. You learn that fashion needs to be sacrificed for function especially at ever expanding airports.

Even though this trip is for 24 hours, I am trying to look on the bright side–I get to go to Pinkberry, a west coast U.S. frozen yogurt shop that recently opened up in the West Edmonton Mall, for the first time since my 30th birthday. I also get to hit up the biggest mall in North America and automatically save 7% on anything I buy because it has no provincial sales tax. I also have enough time to get myself to a crate and barrel to grab a few kitchen tools I have been in need of as my current ones are on the verge of breaking.

Another plus for this trip in particular is that my meeting schedule isn t too crazy. Sometimes I am run off my feet, trying to drive all of a rather unfamiliar city. This time, not so much and I am thankful.

So the next time I write, I will be chewing down on some Pinkberry. I know you are totally jealous!

Much luv,