So I sorta slacked for a few weeks when it came to this whole gratitude thing….my week 11 post was several weeks ago.

As a result, I am going to give a top five for the few weeks I have missed, followed by a full recap of this past week’s moments of gratitude.

Lost weeks of Gratitude Top Five:

1. A friend of mine thought I was good enough to be set up with her husband’s best friend.  It’s nice to be thought of even if it’s not panning out how I was hoping it would.

2.  Saw the amazing K.D. Lang from front row….she is an amazing talent and I highly recommend going to see her–her voice is effortless and will give you chills.

3. Made wonderful plans to visit friends and the spa when I am in Ottawa for work this November.

4. Got to watch baseball with my dad and brother…and have a few laughs, too.

5.  I managed to keep my room clean until I got home from Edmonton…which is about 10 days and probably a record.  I am looking forward to getting it re-organized this weekend.

Week 12 (September 16-22)


1.  Pancakes for breakfast.  It’s what makes the weekends amazing.

2.  Tabatta.  I completed my first tabatta running workout.  I was really afraid to do it because I knew it would be hard and uncomfortable…but I thought about the fear challenge and decided to man up and get ‘er done…and it was amazing!

3. Creamy drinks.  There is nothing I love more in coffee or tea than milk/nut milk/coconut milk…anything creamy.  I can do without the sugar…but…the creamyness that a bit of dairy or dairy substitute can provide is heaven in a mug…especially on brisk Sundays.


1. Cross fit fears are dead.  I went to a class on my own and I even managed to impress the instructor with my “amazing” squats for someone only attending their second real class.  Now if only I had not gotten too big for my britches and over did it on those deadlifts…(which led to a tight/sore back that continued until Saturday).

2. Beautiful stationary.  I just received my friend C’s wedding invite in the mail…and it was so simple and elegant and beautiful…and my name was written in fancy caligraphy.  So gorgeous.  This is something that will be sorely missed with the gaining popularity of e-vites.

3. heating pads…in reference to number one…I think I am going to be needing this a whole lot this week if my immediate back tightness is an indication of what is to come.


1.  Days where I am not in pain….omg…back is so sore with delayed onset muscle soreness…and yes I know it is a “good” pain…but hooooly.  😐

2. Running.  Somehow…in the midst of all this soreness–and perhaps thanks to a healthy dose of fear…i ran 5 miles today.  Maybe this means I’ll only semi-die in October.

3.  Sons of Anarchy–getting to look at Jax Teller while foam rolling and stretching after my run makes the whole miserable process of foam rolling that much better.


1. Brene Brown.  I know I keep mentioning her but….yeah, I have totally learned a lot from her…woo!…  Dare greatly everyone!

2. Pain Killers–it is a migrainey sort of day in Winnipeg and I was very happy to spend my afternoon working from home and enjoying the effects of pain killers.

3. Again…that darn heating pad.  My back is still awfully sore…though I did manage to get in 60 minutes of cardio…including a 3 mile run…still not sure how that happened.


1. John Fogerty from the front row.  Need I say more?

2. Autumn days–it’s cool enough to wear my trench coat and boots–love, love, love.

3. My back has improved slightly. (yes…my back is a theme for the week and I don’t care…lol).


1. Cuticle Oil–with the change in weather and moisture in the air, my hands are paying the price with horrible, painful hangnails I’m starting to feel like I am going to need to start bathing in the stuff to keep those pesky hangnails at bay.

2.  My lovely bloggy friend Mrs. H at the Hemborg Wife as well as a few other choice people in my life who urged me to woman up and ask the guy out and get out of this weird texting limbo territory that this potential set up has wandered into…he said yes…so we will see….

3.Got to see a blues legend, Buddy Guy, from the front row.  Three front row shows in a week–pretty impressive.


1.  Went to an 11am crossfit class.  Proceeded to get my ass handed to me on a platter–even though it was an upper body workout for the most part (Fran?)….this is probably going to hurt tomorrow.

2. First date with the boy…it’s gone from first face to face meeting to a date somehow.  I still haven’t received word on the plans but he says he was planning something…intrigued…nervous….eek.

3. Hot coffee–the heat still hasn’t been turned on in my house….and waking up this morning to hot coffee was the most wonderful thing in the world.  I guess, based on that, I am also thankful for coffee makers with timers. lol.


Much luv,