I know I promised a J.Crew photo spread of what I had bought when I was in Edmonton a week ago.

But…my bummed out-ness regarding the epic first date fail and the fact that I forgot to pick up a piece of my J.Crew haul from the dry cleaner also made it a non-starter.  That is what I get for dropping half an avocado on my brand new fluorescent yellow silk shirt.  *sigh*  And yes…I said fluorescent yellow. lol.

Feelin the blues in my new shoes

I can, however, show you the shoes I bought.  Cobalt blue suede shoes.  Perfect for a day when, truthfully, I’m feeling a bit blue myself.  Hopefully this pop of my favourite colour will help brighten my day and mood. And…truthfully, if not…I can try to run it out with by doing the 7-8 miles run I intended to do yesterday and then further punish it out at a cross fit class tonight…where the wod is pretty intense and includes 45 burpees. 

The one benefit of this weekend, however, was despite the few beers with the ex boy (can I even truthfully call him an ex?  I mean, we were texting for over a week before we met…ugh…so horrible at this dating thing)…is that I managed to lose a few lbs…not sure how that happened.  Maybe it’s by pure fluke…either way…that is one positive outcome.  Let’s hope it continues so that I can shake a few extra lbs before my race in October and my trip to Minneapolis in November…that would be loverly. 

I must get into gear for this crappy Monday…have lots of work to do on this short week (yay to work travel..ugh).  I have my melancholy music on and I’m thinking I might go get some super expensive Starbuck’s drink because it’s just that sort of day….and a small coffee indulgence is better than an online shopping spree at J.Crew or similar clothing related website similar. lol. 

Much luv and thanks for being my therapist interwebs–greatly appreciated.