It appears to be working. Granted I am only about 20 hours in….but…yeah…I have already noticed some interesting outcomes and a fun opportunity….actually it’s even better than a fun opportunity…it is a ridiculously fun opportunity!!!!

I got everything done on my to do list at work aside from one item…which, truth be told was a “nice to finish” item and it’s not due til end of day Monday. Amazing how much more energy I felt through the day and how much more willing I was to even start and finish my projects in a timely manner, without distractions, with a more grateful and positive approach.

Towards the end of my day, I took a mini break and found a neat post on my favorite blog of all time, The Frisky and found a post about a family photo shoot that was disrupted by a zombie attack. I popped it on Facebook, stating my extreme desire to do this and guess what–a childhood friend who is a professional photographer has offered to this type of photo shoot for me, at no cost, so she can use it for her portfolio! Squee!!!

Within about ninety minutes of my childhood friend making the offer I already had secured several friends to participate….including 2 leads for make up artists and a few zombies!!!! Yay!

This is rather encouraging in terms of continuing with strengthening my positivity/gratitude vibe big time….given that this lovely offer was made to me only hours after really starting this new mindset of positivity and greater gratitude.

I even had a great workout at cross fit tonight.  It was by no means as emotionally charged as the last one….though the workout wasn’t as intense either.  It included lots of upper body/arm/shoulder work….assisted pull ups, shoulder presses, push ups and then a smidgen of ab work.  My muscles are really starting to show now and it feels amazing. 🙂

Anyway, I have lots to do and so little time before bed…I have to upload some new ebooks and movies onto my iPad, print out boarding passes, pack my bags and take a shower so I can to bed early as I have a flight at 7am…which means leaving the house somewhere in the 5:30am time frame.  Yuck.

See you in Saskatoon!