Here’s week 14 of my gratitude list…enjoy Lovelies! 🙂

Sunday (September 30): (this will be hard because it was a crappy week)

1.  Dexter Premier.  I only recently got into Dexter…just in time to watch the last season unfold… yay.

2. The Vikings won again.  Never saw this coming.  Hopefully this will continue on through to and including the game I am going to see in November.

3. Cherry Coke Zero. I felt so crappy today that I had TWO of ’em.  Yikes.


1. My job gives me the flexibility to take random OT days (to make up for traveling on our own time), to take a day off…and when I woke up this morning, I knew I needed another chill day.

2. I didn’t let forgetting my run shorts ruin my workout.  Was it a good workout…nope…was rather uncomfortable working out in thick, fleece sweats…but I didn’t quit…I moved…and though it wasn’t the workout I intended to do, I still felt great afterwards.

3. Had a few great laughs with dear ol’ dad.  Those are the best laughs, period.


1. I made a most excellent honey mustard and pecan crusted chicken dish for dinner.  If there would’ve been room for seconds…I would’ve gone back.

2.  Cookies and milk…specifically salted top brown butter chocolate chip cookies and milk…the best way to end an afternoon and evening that were both horribly frustrating.

3. I wore some truly fabulous shoes.


1.  Was offered another set-up with another guy by the same friend.  Apparently this time he will have more in common with me. And…if this one doesn’t work, there is still another waiting in the wings.

2.  I made it to the gym.  That is it.  Workout was crap, but something is better than nothing.

3.  I found my ugg boot/slippers…just in time for the miserable weather over the next few days.


1. Crossfit.  Given how horrible my workouts have been, it was nice to complete a workout that felt successful.

2. My job.  It allows me the opportunity, on particularly horrible days, to slack off a bit…and it was so appreciated today as it has been another frustrating one.

3. My Grandparents–it is their 60th Wedding Anniversary today.  Love them heaps and my life wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is without them.


1. I am not blind.  This was determined after developing a crazy allergic reaction on my eye…which scared me into the Emergency Room…but I’m grateful that it was only an allergy and nothing permanent.

2. My job and friends for understanding why I left work and didn’t go to crossfit that night.

3.  It’s a long weekend.  🙂


1. Anniversary brunch with my grandparents.  ‘Nuff said.

2. Nice night in with my friend L and her daughter B.  LOVE them both to bits.

3. There are still two more days left of the “weekend.” YES!