After coming from the high of a PR in Fargo this past spring…I was looking forward to trying out cross fit and doing a boat load of speed work to try to quicken my pace, maybe shed a few lbs, gain some muscle and be ready to rock the Winnipeg Firefighter and Paramedic Service (WFPS) first half marathon…which is now 10 days away.

My plans didn’t come to fruition.  Intense heat and humidity made the idea of running truly horrible.  I was also having issues with my arches and trying to adjust to cross fit shoes….and then there was the DOMS and shoulder injuries from cross fit.  In mid August I realized I better get my bum in gear…but alas, it was not meant to be.  Every run was a huge struggle thanks to the immense heat and general lack of desire to run.

This struggle has literally lasted until this weekend.  I finally gave up on the idea of getting in any long runs (ie 10 miles-ish) before this WFPS race and just went in with the idea that I’ll run what I will run…and it is way too late to get any real benefit from long training runs and there is no point in beating myself up any more–especially when I have Disney World to look forward to in February.

Since I came to that conclusion, it seems that my inner runner has decided to come out to play…maybe it’s some sort of Disney-esque princess magic…but seriously, in the last three days I have run 15 miles….I have done that kind of mileage in months.  Was it slow…hells yes.  Was it uncomfortable at times….of course…but I was able to pull out a few ounces of determination and did it….and it felt like such a relief.

After running three days in a row (I am always careful because too many days in a row can lead me to massive knee pain/discomfort), I am taking a bit of a night off and going to cross fit.  Cross fit tonight will be a good workout, though I am a bit concerned about the WOD…as there are 10 punishment burpees if you miss on your double unders…yikes….especially since my double under skills are sub par. 

In any case, I feel like I’m sort back after essentially taking the summer off….and I have to say…it’s motivating…I know that I want to work really hard in the next few months so that I can get myself a PR in Florida and it’s nice to start it off with positive vibes.

Much luv and happy hump day!