That is how many work days I have until Christmas Vacation starts.

*sigh*  I can’t flippin’ wait! 🙂  Seriously…I already know what I am going to do.  Though a good part of it involves getting in some stellar runs and CF sessions and being a vegetable in front of my tv, watching Breaking Bad in its entirety.  Though, I may leave the house to go see a few movies–especially the Great Gatsby and Les Miserables.

Oh and I totally know that it’s early to be counting down til Christmas and that I shouldn’t be wishing my life away…yadda yadda yadda….but I’m looking forward to that extended time off with NOTHING big going on.  I don’t have to spend 4 days cooking, baking, etc.  I just get to enjoy a whopping 8.5 days off….days that are completely to myself….sleeping in, seeing people I love, not being forced to go outside if/when it’s cold unless I want to….and if I want to nap away an afternoon, I can…..hehehehe!  This will be the longest stretch of time off I have had all year!!!!  It will be great!

On the plus side, there are some interesting/fun things coming up between now and my Christmas break…my trip to see the Minnesota Vikings and Bruce Springsteen, the social part of my work trip to Ottawa, the start of my cookie club in a few weeks, a hair appointment, the crazy feat that will be that WFPS Half Marathon. lol.  Could be fun.  I even have a first date this Saturday with a new set-up. I’m not expecting much but who knows what  night of glow bowling could reveal? lol.

What do you have to look forward to over the coming weeks and months?

Much luv,