Wow….15 weeks.  I can’t believe I have stuck with this for this long…for better or for worse, I am super determined to keep it up.

Sunday: (October 7, 2012)

1. I ran 5 miles…mind you, that included a few stops and me holding my chesticles down because I forgot my sports bra, but I ran ’em.  Holy, right?

2. I don’t have to work tomorrow–yay for Canadian Thanksgiving.

3. The Vikings won again…I KNOW, right? lol! 🙂  I can’t wait to see them play the Lions in November now.


1. Woke up without MASSIVE eye swelling related to Friday’s emergency room trip.  Hooray!

2. Had a super relaxed start to the day, which included a leisurely made breakfast of eggs with turkey bacon and sweet potato homefries.

3. I’m grateful for my keen eye which noticed that the basement sinks had backed up while I was doing laundry.  Fortunately I noticed just before I pressed the start button for a new load in the machine.  All was fixed in a few short hours with a few bottles of Draino. 😉


1.  6. Mile. Run. Non. Stop. YAY! 

2.  Sons of Anarchy.  Not a show one would normally find hilarious…but today, it was and I was very appreciative.

3. It was a rather irritating first day back to work after the long weekend, but I worked really hard to shift to a positive less negative mindframe.


1. Made a super delicious paleo pumpkin curry with cashews, a few raisins, pumpkin, chicken, and cauliflower coconut rice.  Surprisingly delicious. 🙂

2. Listened to my body and mind and moved my cross fit class to Thursday night.  My legs were feeling rather exhausted from three days in a row of running and the CF class was all legs.  Doing this brought me great pride and pleasure because, for a change I did something I wanted to do instead of doing what I thought I SHOULD do.

3. I remember why I don’t like my job, which I sorta forgot about over a calm summer.  This served as a firey poke to my bottom to start working on figuring out my future work path, because I won’t be happy where I am right now for the long haul.


1. Hate to brag, but I look effin’ awesome today! 🙂

2. Had a great workout at CF tonight.  My biceps have come back.  YES.

3. Wicked “war wound” on my arm from CF tonight.  There is something about it that makes me grateful that I’m physically healthy and have the strength to try some of the crazy things that are prescribed in CF workouts.


1.  Post Cross Fit Pub night with my friend J.  And after looking at tonight’s workout, the beers we imbibe will have totally been justified and earned.

2.  Mango cheesecake.  That was the dessert at the event I was at.  YUM.

3.  Hilarious friends.  Just had the funniest miscommunication scenario with a friend, via email, as we tried to confirm our brunch plans for tomorrow.  Epically hilarious….I just wish it was easy to explain on the bloggy blog.


1. Didn’t get all bent out of shape re: my date…which was as meh as I had expected.  Was a huge revelation to not feel like I was the problem and worry about whether I liked him and not the reverse.

2. Lovely brunch with my friend L, which also included a trip to David’s Tea.  $37 dollars later I have four new teas: Red Velvet Cake, Dark and Stormy, Banana Nut Bread and some tea that has something to do with lips or kissing in the title.  Very, very yummy.

3. Finally, I am grateful to have noticed a new potential trend.  Since cutting out a lot of carbs in my diet (ie following a Paleo style diet about 80% of the time), I haven’t been having as many daily headaches.  My migraines will still come if the weather shifts drastically, but over the weekend, I was in a carb heaven…and I felt lethargic and headachey for pretty much it’s entirety.  Will watch this trend with eager interest as it may be worth giving them up for good if it means fewer headaches and feeling less like crap.

Much luv,