Thanks to the U.S. Presidential debate. I was distracted enough to survive a slow, sweaty but steady 7 mile. Thank you America! 😉

On a more painful front…I got the chance to experience one of the most minor and likely most common and most painful of running injuries….CHAFFING!

It was extra hot in the gym thanks to he gorgeously warm day and night tonight, but I also wore the wrong rundies (aka running undies). As a result, I have wickedly swollen and raw chaffed spots wherever the seams of those rundies touched. I also had a slight spot on the chesticles thanks to my bra (one that I don’t normally wear for runs longer than 4-5 miles).

But…I will take those injuries as I feel like my running legs are finally finding their way again. Granted it took a bit longer than I thought and hoped, but whatever….they are coming back and I couldn’t be happier!

Happy debate night y’all!

Luv Leesah