Happy Tuesday Afternoon,


I have a question….

What do y’all think of looks when it comes to the whole dating/finding love thing?

Are they important?  Are they not?  Is it somewhere in the middle? Or is there a blurred line that is totally situationally dependent? 

I ask as my friend has offered up set up number 3.  And again, based on the three pictures I have been sent, I feel no physical attraction at all.

So…the question remains….do I go out on another “first date” with a guy whom I don’t find attractive?  The last time I did this (this past Saturday)….well, it didn’t go so hot.

Yes…I know that guys can become more attractive as you get to know them.  Yes…I know that looks don’t matter as long as they treat you well.

Yes…I feel like a totally shallow human being.