Better late than never for a post, right? I can’t believe how slow this day started and how quickly the rest of it went….

I had a frustrating though productive day at work and I just finished my pretty rockin cross fit class. I really feel like cross fit was the high light of my day if only because the wod was 5 rounds of 10 pull ups (assisted for me) and 20 air squats. The squats weren’t my issue…it was those horrid pull ups. I had to keep changing bands to offer more assistance because I have next to no upper body strength…but with determination and a few rest breaks, I managed to get in all 50 pull ups. It feels pretty great to have done them…even with the assists. :). I hope that, one day I can get to the point where I can do at least one without any assists.

And now I am about to hunker down to stretch and foam roll with a green smoothie and the season premier of American Horror Story. Needless to say every single light is one…but that is only because I am also doing laundry sorting during commercial breaks….yeah…that is why I have the lights on! šŸ˜‰

I still haven’t decided what to do re: my next set up. Part of me really doesn’t want to go…but the other part of me feels that some of the commenters from yesterday’s post are right…that I should give him a chance. I think I am going to take one more night to think it over before I make my decision–will keep y’all posted though.

Anyway, my foam roller and yoga mat are calling!

Much luv,