Finisher Medal Number 9.


and…arguably sorta kicked it’s ass.

As I had mentioned in Friday night’s post…well, I wasn’t expecting much…er…well, I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to Saturday’s race.

But I met this great lady named Sarah.  I wish she was my mom! lol  She was super supportive and fun to talk to and is now going to be my relay partner in an upcoming race in May 2013.  I am so grateful for her having been placed next to me at the starting line and helping me through the race.  She also taught me of the amazingness of running really slow when you need a rest vs stopping–the result is an amazing shift in your energy.  I am so on the no walking for rest bandwagon now.

Oh and I guess you want to know my time…right?  lol.  It’s 2:10:19.  A totally respectable time for someone who didn’t train.  it’s not even my slowest race time….which sorta makes it even more awesome.  I also, thank to my new no stop, just slow run tactic, made it through the entirety of the race without stopping.

As for the recap of the race itself…well…here it goes…
The good:

1. Interesting course.  It was through Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Forest for the most part.  I felt like I was on a massive trail run and not running a race.

2. Support. There was a ton of crowd support given it’s a new race, it was a miserably cold day and well, we ran through a forest.  I thought for sure there would’ve been more deer spectators than human.  😉

3.  Tech shirt.  As part of your race kit, you get a race shirt.  This one was a white, long sleeve tech top.  Was decently nice.  Just wish they were more reflective in the size as mine is way too big and in the post race chaos, I had missed the shirt exchange.

4. Lots of water stations.  Granted, I am not a water girl…I don’t drink while I run.  It’s something that just doesn’t agree with me.  But it was nice to see a TON of water stations around.

5.  A non-chaotic finish line.  This is probably due more to the fact that it was a smaller race, but it was nice not to feel like cattle when coming in to the finish.

6.  They had a corral start–am very pro corral starts.


The bad:

1.  The post race food/drinks were about half a mile away in a tent (which felt like it was several miles away at the end of the race)…outside….and the water was at the back of the tent.  This was super frustrating as all I wanted post race is a big ol cup/bottle of water and I didn’t get one for about twenty minutes post race due to lines and walking the distance to the tent.

2. Starting 15 minutes or so late.  Fine if it is a nice day, but it wasn’t.  Was miserable and cold and those extra 15 minutes meant super tight hamstrings for the first few miles.

3.  The course.  The course, as I had mentioned, went through the Assiniboine Forest, which was unique for me and arguably scenic.  However, the paths were quite narrow, cracked and somewhat slanted (which is arguably quite hard to run on over 13 miles).  I was also somewhat concerned as to how first aid staff would get into the forest to help anyone with medical issues.

4. The finisher medal.  Given that this was the first race, I am sensitive to the fact that money might’ve been an issue, but because it’s the first race of the series, it would’ve been nice to have that recognized somewhere on the medal.

In any case, it was a pretty darn good race and I am still feeling remarkably good post race.  Not much DOMS to report, which is a huge relief.  My only major effects from the race have been a rather high level of exhaustion, a slightly off appetite and an inability to get warm…and I hope that all three will be over after today’s chillaxed day at home. 🙂

After one more day off (tomorrow), I will start my Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon 2013 training in earnest.  Operation PR Princess begins shortly.  YAY!

Much luv,