Thank goodness for Nemo.  Amazing how those three little words can somehow illuminate an extra bit of stamina you didn’t realize that you had.

A number of things have been added to my calendar for November and early December, thus making my rough patch six weeks long instead of my anticipated three weeks.  Eek.

As a result, I am going to make some noteable changes to my approach to crazy work times.  Last year at this time, when I was traveling like a mad fool, I was not working out regularly, not eating my best and suffering with horrible, debilitating migraines.  I felt awful physically, mentally and emotionally and it took me a really long time to get to a point where I felt even a bit like myself again.

Esssentially, I am making my health and as a result, my sanity, the priority this time around.

I am going to seek out local pools, cross fit gyms and grocery stores.  I am also going to use hotels that have access to fridges and microwaves.  I am going to keep normal work hours and not go crazy running around these unknown cities to meetings.  It’s will still get my work done, but in the most simple and stress free way possible.

So wish me luck…only a few days left until the onslaught begins.  Ironic that it starts on Halloween, no?

Luv Leesah

P.S. If anyone has any tips–let me know in the comments!