Ugh…the coffee at my work is so disgusting.  Like drinking liquid charcoal.

So umm…yeah, good morning! 😉  check out the lovely pieces of my outfit–since I can’t take a full photo with my iPhone in this crazy building. lol. 

I am so loving my outfit today as it involves an old favourite piece of mine, which I haven’t worn in ages and my new J. Crew purchases.  I thought about the idea of it last night when I couldn’t sleep.  Not sure what the deal is here, people, but sleep is so not my friend the past few weeks.  Very annoying.

Btw–note that I even curled my hair this morning.  So yeah…feel like a Mad Men styled rock star today…if that makes even a slight bit of sense.  🙂

Now…I haven’t done a Friday Fab Five list in a while–mostly due to a meh mood and a heaping pile of exhaustion, but I figure, since I’m feeling rather chipper, I might do one….hope you enjoy it.

1. Handstand Push Ups–I so want to practice these every day–maybe I can even get to a point where I can do some unassisted ones by Christmas….maybe…lol.

2. Stockings/pantyhose with the stitch lines down the back–I am wearing them today–not that you can see them in the pics–but I really do love them.  There is something extremely sexy about them and I think I might resolve to making them one of my “signature” pieces when I wear dresses/skirts.  Now I just need to find/buy some more.

3. Of Monsters and Men–they are a band out of Europe–specifically Iceland, I believe, and I’m totally loving them.  Especially this song.   I highly recommend giving them a listen.

4. Bright coloured lipsticks.  I’m sorta new to the lipstick bandwagon.  I was always more of a lip gloss girl because it’s low maintenance…but there is something about a bright, high pigment lip colour that is phenomenal.  I highly recommend giving it a try–especially MAC’s beautiful coral colour called Vegas (see above).

5.  Yurbuds headphones.  Ironman makes them, which means they are made for being active so the actually stay in your ears.  Freakin’ phenomenal!

So that’s all for today’s post.  Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

Luv Leesah