18 weeks…I can’t believe it has been 18 weeks since this whole shebang started…next thing you know it will be a year…eek!

Sunday (October 28)

1. Epic good friends and family who made the cookie exchange possible.  LOVES it.

2. I’m grateful that I was able to keep a somewhat balanced approach to eating on a day that included Halloween candy, five types of cookies and pizza.  I wasn’t good but I didn’t binge either–amazing! 🙂

3. I’m grateful for my grandma who taught me how to bake.  Those early years of eating cookie dough and playing in the flour will be precious to me for my entire life and the skills that she taught me have brought much happiness and joy to me and arguably, my friends and families…er…well, their tummies, at least. 😉


1. I’m feeling massive gratitude for my body again.  I managed to get in two workouts tonight to make up for missing yesterday.  6 mile run and cross fit.  I feel like some sort of warrior princess. 🙂

2. I’m grateful that I pushed my exhaustion aside and did both my laundry cleaned the washing machine, even though I just wanted to emulate being vegetable on the couch.

3. I’m grateful that my body is cooperating with me again.  I am not having a whole lot of problems running and truthfully, I’m just feeling really good in my own skin right now.


1. I had a girls night out with my friend L at the Noel Gallagher show.  She’s the most MASSIVE fan and I snuck in my camera to take a bunch of pics since I was able to snag row 3 seats.  I also snagged her a set list after the show.  🙂  It felt incredible to know that I made a good friend so happy.

2. I indulged in a post concert poutine at Peasant Cookery.  For those of you who don’t know, a poutine is a French Canadian dish which comprises of french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds.  Obviously not the most nutritious thing on the menu, but, I haven’t had the dish in a year and I was really craving it.  So I got one, savoured each bite and ended up leaving a good part of the dish behind–but it was worth it–soooo delish! 🙂

3. I’m grateful for sleep.  I have to get up at 4 tomorrow morning to start trip one of 5 (I think it’s five) over the next six weeks).  I’m so glad that I’m home early enough from the show that I will be able to get a few decent hours of sleep.


1. I survived a long day of meetings, early travel, irritating plane friends (ie weird, overly chatty people who always seem to sit next to me in planes), without a migraine or feeling too much like crap.

2. One of my work projects is going pretty much perfectly–even though it took forever! 🙂

3. I worked out…and worked out hard tonight, despite my epic level of exhaustion.


1. Survived another long day of meetings and horrible driving conditions with a horrible rental car.  I cannot believe that I don’t have a horrible tension headache simply from the horrible driving conditions alone.

2. I’m grateful that this is my last night in Edmonton–I’m sick of this noisy hotel and its tropical climate gym.

3. Ketchup chips.  I am grateful to them as they were my workout reward as I didn’t feel much like working out at 9:30 in the evening…was totally worth it though. 😉


1. My personal shopper buddy at J. Crew–he’s awesome.  Picked out some cute first date/going out outfits and I’m in love with them.  Now I need to avoid shopping at all costs–must get back onto that whole saving for a condo plan. 🙂

2. Drama free flight.  For the most part my flight was lovely and free of drama and delays.  Was thrilled to have that happen as I wasn’t in the mood for crap.

3. Starbucks.  Yes, I know I’m sorta boycotting them because their prices are getting stupid, but…but the holiday drinks are back and they make me ever so happy.  🙂 


1. Amazing and deadly cross fit workout–which I survived…and will be feeling for the next few days.

2. I’m grateful that my Saturday was promised to no one.  I can do whatever I want–including catch up on my sleep, take a leisurely bath and start watching season 1 of Breaking Bad….and yes, this is what I did the entire rest of the day after cross fit.

3. Banana Pancakes.  I made these for breakfast this morning.  Probably not the best pre-cross fit breakfast, but I was really craving them and I enjoyed each bite.

See you next week!