Holy crap muffins!  Yes…I did write that weird statement because I sorta feel like it reflects how I am feeling–soft like a muffin and sorta crappy….

It’s so funny too….  Yesterday morning my day started with a real bit of pep in my step.  I really did feel just as my blog post had said–bubbly!

Somehow, though, throughout the day, my mood became less than bubbly.  Boo.  The bubble had popped and all of a sudden, I felt horribly run down…

My muscles/body started to ache…I felt like I had just ran a marathon after not sleeping for a day or two…and my mood and energy continued to tailspin after some frustrating moments at work (gah! I hope I am not getting sick–I can’t afford to get sick with all of this travel I have left in my travel marathon!)

Then I made a mistake in scheduling and may have pissed off a friend of mine for having to back out of some plans we had made when I was all migrainey (and thus not with it exactly) a few weeks ago–which made me feel bad and then my workout was just a waste of time.  My just show up theory, which works a majority of the time, was not going to work today.  This is when I decided to break  out some potato chips for a late dinner–not the smartest move and I feel a wee bit guilty…but they were delicious and, remarkably, my weight has not gone up as per the usual when I eat meals high in carbs and salt.

I still have a residue of meh-ness from yesterday.  To try and remedy this so that I’m ready for my weekend in Minnie I decided to try and pep myself in the best ways  I know how, while being kind to myself too.  Today I wore a new blouse and blazer from J. Crew (yes–I had another personal shopping appointment while I was in Edmonton–bad Leesah).  The colours are amazing and make me feel rather put together which is good on a meh day when I have external meetings and otherwise feel completely not together).   

I have also decided to keep it low key for the rest of the day when it comes to my workout plans.  I’m bowing out of cross fit and aiming to do a slow but steady run at the gym just to burn a few calories and do something that is somewhat comfortable (vs cross fit which is all about pushing you out of your comfort zone).  Plus, by going to my gym, I’m giving myself an extra hour of time, which I will use to help tidy up for my brother’s big poker party that he’s having while he house sits (hence why I also had chips in the house to eat for dinner yesterday) and pack for my weekend away in the Minnie-Apple.

I must say, however, it feels weird to be “kind” to myself.  Normally, when I get into these moods, especially when I’m sort of beginning a heavier fitness regimen, I beat myself up when my body/mood/motivation aren’t working and I just force myself/torture myself, until I just get it done.  I’m eager to see the results of this approach. 

What do you all do when you begin to feel run down, meh, stressed, etc?  Anyone have any tips to share?

Love Leesah