My friend A made a comment to me on Monday over our shared lunch hour, where in truth, we didn’t eat lunch–we just strolled and caught up, but she said that she is living for the weekend this week, due to crazy work shenanigans and sleep deprivation (speaking of sleep deprivation–guess who woke up at 4am today and couldn’t fall back asleep!?).

I must say, without any word of a lie, that I am with her.  I can hardly wait for the weekend.  I have so many things that I want to do…including relax, sleep in, relax, read, relax, put up my christmas trees, watch some holiday movies/cartoons, relax workout a few times, relax…bake (although it is the last thing that I need, I just crave the wonderfully soothing and stress releasing results of baking).  So. Can’t. Wait.

I have even decided what I am going to attempt in terms of baking.  I have a holiday party next week where I have to prep some dairy free (which for ease, means vegan) egg nog cupcakes with “cream cheese” frosting.  I’m super worried and intrigued regarding how they will turn out–will def. keep bloggy friends posted.  I might even try filling said cupcakes with a rum coconut pastry cream….Am also tempted…oh so very tempted, to try my hand at French Macarons again.  I still haven’t mastered a recipe, but I really want to try to nail it…so who knows–might be a double baking weekend…and if the macarons turn out well, perhaps I will take them over to the new neighbours. lol.

I’m curious about how often readers really are living for the weekend–is it a constant feeling or is it something that ebbs and flows based on stress, life, etc?  I once was someone who constantly lived for the weekend at my old job.  I don’t feel that way here all the time…except perhaps when things are stressful or there is something particularly exciting going on during that particular weekend.

So–are you living for the weekend?