Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S. today!  Hope you are all safe and warm with your families and enjoying delish, indulgent treats.

I have to say, I’m sorta jealous.  😉 My family couldn’t get their schedules together to do Thanksgiving this year (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October on the U.S. Columbus Day weekend) and I have been craving turkey and stuffing like you wouldn’t believe.  I’m also super intrigued by American Thanksgiving.  In Canada, arguably, Christmas is the bigger holiday, rather than Thanksgiving…yet, in the States, from all that I have seen, read, and experienced through American friends, etc, it would seem that Thanksgiving is the bigger deal (feel free to correct me, American friends, if i am incorrect)–and I sorta dig it…though, with how much I like baking and such, I would probably make both a massive deal. lol.

Not the prettiest test cupcakes–but they will do–especially when vegan cream cheese frosting is IMPOSSIBLE to pipe!

Speaking of baking and celebrating–I had a bit of a baking victory to celebrate yesterday–I made a test half-batch of vegan eggnog cupcakes (couldn’t wait to do it on the weekend) with bourbon “cream cheese” frosting and they are pretty decent.  They are a smidge overpowering with eggnog flavour (though I am biased as I’m not a big egg nog fan), but they are definitely very edible.  I took the batch (less one) to my friend who is hosting the party so that she could give them a try–let me know her thoughts.  I dropped them off at 9:30 last night and haven’t heard anything–hopefully I’ll hear something today.  The lazy part of me hopes she likes them simply so that I can avoid having to re-try a new recipe between now and next Friday…especially since the last thing I need is to taste test a bunch of different cupcake recipes. 😉

I’m going to close this with a quick story about the only U.S. Thanksgiving I ever celebrated.  It was in Hawaii, 4-years ago, with my Aussie friend D.  We met up in Honolulu for a girls trip (it’s pretty much exactly halfway between Sydney and Winnipeg), which included a few days in Honolulu and a 7 day cruise around the islands. On U.S. Thanksgiving, everyone went to a pig roast/luau (sp?) excursion thing off of the ship.  We weren’t in the mood. Our favourite bartender said the event is very crowded and the food is not the best,  Since we were in the mood for something low-key we went to the “Italian” restaurant on the ship.  It was, in all honesty, the best decision we made during that trip. lol. 

The bored restaurant staff  decided to give us a Thanksgiving treat as we were the only people in the restaurant–they made everything on the menu for us to “sample” and then sent a massive plate of desserts up to our room so that we could snack on them once we found our “dessert stomachs” (who knew this was a thing?! lol). I have never eaten so much delicious food, nor have I ever been that full in my life.  Hilarious, delicious, educational and awesome–best U.S. Thanksgiving EVER! 😉

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! 🙂  Mwa!