The longest week ever is finally, er well, for the most part, OVER! 

In a little less than 8 short hours, my work day will be over and this long-awaited weekend that I’ve lived for all week will begin.

Bring on sleep ins, banana pancake breakfast, culinary feats (attempt number 6 at French Macarons–please oh please let it work out this time), Christmas activities and even a few workouts. 😉

Speaking of workouts…I had my first cross fit workout in 2 whole weeks.  Gah!  I think that says it all…truthfully.  And yes, I deserve it for taking two weeks off…even though said two weeks wasn’t ENTIRELY in my control. lol.  The insides of my quads were actually twitching from yesterday’s delicious workout (not too intense, but still made me sweat–perfect for coming back after a break) as they have not been abused in such a repetitive way in a while–it was almost hilarious.  Probably not so hilarious when I wake up tomorrow though–as that will mark day two for DOMS and that is always unpleasant.  Should make my Saturday cross fit workout awesome. 😉

Other fun things about today, which will make this last day of a long week much more pleasant! This includes lunch out with the woman I ran with at my last race in October.  We are going to run the Winnipeg Police Half Marathon Relay together in May.  Another thing this includes is a luxe dinner out with my friend A.  We are going to a relatively new place called Brooklynn’s.  I have only been there once before and I look forward to going back tonight…especially with a friend whom I adore. 😉  After dinner, I am heading home to enjoy a long overdue phone date with my bestie in Australia. 

Seriously LOVING today.  Now if only pesky work wasn’t in the way! 😉

Much love and Happy Friday,


P.S. Here is my quick and dirty Friday Fab Five List (yes I know I don’t do these often enough).

1. Holiday Music–I finally feel like I can now listen to the stuff openly–loving it!  Anyone have any recommendations to share?  I know I do! 🙂

2. Early Bed Times–I am totally a tried, tested and true night owl…to my own detriment usually.  But the last few days I have gone to bed earlier and earlier….and I wake up without the fog I usually have–def. try it if you are feeling run down as it’s pretty great.

3.  Ugg Boots–I know, I know.  Not exactly current events.  But I really, really do love them.  I don’t wear mine out of the house–I wear mine as house slippers like the Aussies do–but they are, without a doubt, the BEST slippers.  Definitely get yourself a pair on sale after Christmas or at Nordstrom’s Rack.

4. Oil Cleansing Method–I’ve started doing this crazy, somewhat new face washing trend called the Oil Cleansing Method this week…and so far…it’s pretty darn awesome.  My face isn’t as flaky as it normally is and my skin just looks nicer.  I am going to try to do a proper post on it in a month’s time so you can see the results.

5. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter–OMG.  I almost wish I hadn’t started talking to that random woman at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago.  I’m now addicted to this gingery, slightly crunchy, cookie spread.  The woman kept saying you could eat it on a shoe…and I thought she was just weird…turns out, well, I think one could actually eat it on a shoe and be quite content.  I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to wait until May to get more of this stuff.