Happy Friday!

I’m back from my working holiday–my day off to bake macarons was a stressful one…and overall successful, but had a few fails with no associated meltdowns…but more to come on that later.

What I can say, however, from my day of baking is that I’m SORE.  I would consider myself to be in rather decent shape with the running and cross fitting and such.  Clearly, I don’t spend 12 plus hours on my feet anymore…or ever…the closest I got was 9 hours during my friend stint in retail during my first year of grad school–and oh did I feel it.  My knees were swollen and stiff, my shoulders and back are sore from being bent over and either piping macaron shells of piping fillings into macaron shells.  It was so bad that I only ran two miles…which, truth be told, was two more that I wanted to run though. 😉  I mean, that had to burn off at least one macaron.

Aside from body soreness, I am excited as today is Friday.  Another weekend is upon us and it’s going to be a busy one.  Two brunches, a Christmas party, workouts, cross fit, tree trimming and hopefully some down time and a nap or two–especially since there won’t be any sleeping in this weekend. 🙂

Before I head off, however, I must get into my Friday fab Five-Festive Edition list–this one is themed on holiday music.  Here are my fave albums/tunes with a holiday flare:

1. John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together.  This album brings me back to my childhood…and it’s amazing.  The songs are beautiful and well, I just can’t say enough.  Lots of people won’t give it a chance because it’s the Muppets and John Denver.  I mean, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I get mocked for my love of this album….but if you give it a chance, I think you’ll really, really love it.

2. Santa Wants Some Lovin’ by Tinsley Ellis:   An excellent bluesy song….kinda naughty, and atypical for a holiday song–which is exactly what makes it great. 🙂

3.Everything’s Going to be Cool this Christmas by The Eels: LOVE this track.  It got me through a number of rough Christmases and now it just brings me a sense of contented joy when I hear it.   In fact,I even sung it to myself when I almost ruined my Christmas cupcakes during my big dinner prep last year.  Totally kept me calm. 🙂

4. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? by Rufus Wainright:  So I’ve always had a smidge of a crush on Rufus…and his family is essentially Canadian Music royalty (sister Martha is amazing, father Loudin (sp?) is super famous and his mom and auntie are Kate and Anna McGarrigle).  He sang this song on a GAP commercial several years ago–which is how my love affair with Rufus began…but I couldn’t find a proper recording of the song.  Finally, with the release of his mom and auntie’s Christmas album, came a full on, proper recording of the song.  Squee.  Big.  Time. 🙂

5. Funky, Funky Xmas by New Kids on the Block: omg.  This song is dumb and hilarious.  Not only does it take me back to being young and liking boy bands (ssssh–this is our secret!).  It was also an album my aunt and uncle played ad nauseam to seem hip at one of their Christmas celebration.  More recently, it makes me giggle because my cousin and I, after driving home from Minneapolis and being stuck at the border for 3 hours, ended up having a sing along to this song during the last bits of the drive.  Hilarious.  Also–they lyrics are horrible, and I quote….”Kick the ballistics Santa Claus!”  Really?  WTF? lol.  I do love those infectious hand claps though.

Have a lovely one!