Good Afternoon peoples!

I just got myself some lunch from the local dive mall–specifically, I ordered some shrimp pad Thai (though my receipt says shrimpsand that makes me giggle) and it essentially tastes like noodles and ketchup.  So gross.  I essentially choked down a few mouthfuls of noodles and ate the shrimps.  The rest is going in the bin as it’s disgusting.  Why didn’t tell me that this place stopped selling edible Thai food?!

On the plus side, I survived the weekend.  I say survived as I ended up with food poisoning, an out of the blue, 3am asthma attack (and it took me an hour to find my inhaler, which was left in my suitcase) during said food poisoning episode (which lasted about 7 painful hours), and a migraine but still managed to sneak in two five-mile runs (no cross fit as it wasn’t a smart activity with food poisoning), a Christmas party, 2 brunches, Christmas shopping and trimming one of my Christmas trees. 

I still can’t believe that I only have four more gifts to buy and then I’m completely done for Christmas.  Squee!  This even includes the gifts I help my dad with for my extended family and gifts for my grandparents to give to me–which, after much cajoling, I have talked them down to a cookbook as I know they don’t have much money.

Oh and the cookbook is Deb Perleman (sp?)  of Smitten Kitchen’s cookbook.  Squee!  I so can’t wait to dig into this…as well as the collection of cookbooks I have amassed at home from the library. In fact, I have already found one recipe that I need to steal from it before I give it to my grandma to wrap up for me to open on Christmas day–I need it for my cookie party–which is coming up this Sunday.  I am hoping I can find a tasty cookie in Joy the Baker’s cookbook or the new, beautiful and massive Bouchon Bakery book for the occasion, too.

I did treat myself to one thing this weekend…er…today.  I upgraded my phone (an iPhone 3S) to an iPhone 5.  A few weeks ago I dropped my phone and it hasn’t been the same since.  In fact, it barely functioned and it was driving me mad.  I finally caved after another rough-ish weekend.  Now I just need to get home so that I can get this phone fully functioning.  Very, very excited to get this whole shebang a rollin’.

Tonight’s plans aren’t too big–make up a grocery list for my baking extravaganza, run, laundry, pack list for my day and a half trip to Saskatoon this Thursday/Friday.  Oh and well, a big ol’ date with some ice packs and my foam roller.  My knees and hips (especially on the left side) are quite tight from my two kick arse runs and my lack of scheduled massage on Saturday (darn water main break).

What nice thing have you done for yourself today? 

Much Luv,