I haven’t even left and I can’t wait to return–which is taking nine hours longer than it should. Fortunately I planned ahead and have things to occupy my time including writing Christmas cards, working out, mini mani/pedi, blogs and books to read on my iPad. Since I am traveling after my work day ends, I felt that I wanted to look put together but be comfortable. For that, I mixed up wool dress pants and patent pumps with a denim top and pearls…emulating something from J.Crew’s website and I thought it looked pretty awesome–thoughts? My only slight beef is that the denim shirt is a bit wide around my torso and tends to billow a bit more around my tummy than I would like.

Yes...this was taken in the restroom at my work--only spot with a mirror.  *sigh* lol.

Yes…this was taken in the restroom at my work–only spot with a mirror. *sigh* lol.

My outdoor footwear choice isn’t the greatest as when I saw that the forecasted low for Saskatoon this evening was -30 celsius, any ideas of fashion went flying out the window in the name of comfort–and thy name be Ugg.  Speaking of comfort–that is also why I wore my glasses.  It’s been horribly dry and that isn’t good for contact lens comfort.

On that note, I am going to go make myself another cup of tea–perhaps some pumpkin chai (so love David’s Tea on mornings like this!), as my office is freezing and I need a bit of warmth and caffeine.

Much luv, stay warm and see you in Saskatoon!