Allo Everyone!

Yesterday was a day where I started out a bit ornery and stressed…but everything started coming up Milhouse by the end of the day–which I couldn’t be more thrilled about.

I ran 4 miles, nearly pain and swelling free.  I could actually see my knee caps this morning…so that bodes well for a short, post work run today.

Thank goodness for canned goods

Thank goodness for canned goods

Our building has decided to close up shop on Xmas eve so now I get to work from home.  YAY!  Now I can bake pies while keeping track of emails.  Hurrah.

And….step one of my faux gingerbread house assembly is complete.  Tonight I have to attach the roofs to the house parts.  I hope that my success continues tonight and into tomorrow–specifically that I can get the houses to my friend’s home without them breaking.

Oh and I have a bit of a twist on the Friday Fab Five list today.   In fact, it’s  a list of 25 Holiday things….I found it on a blog called Food & Fitness.  I thought it looked like major fun to fill out so here it goes.  Oh and for the record, I highly urge you to do it too! 🙂


1.   Muppet Family Christmas (though it’s more of a special than a movie).  If we are being strict, my favourite movie is Christmas Vacation.

2. 2012 Christmas Wish List–the Bouchon Bakery cookbook…and a cake pedestal.

3.  I was about 8–noticed Santa’s handwriting wasn’t the same between my house and my grandma’s….and somehow his writing looked like my grandma’s…just sloppier.

4. Favourite Christmas song–this is tough–The Spirit of Christmas by Ray Charles is def. near the top.

5. Best gift I ever received–I think surviving Christmas Eve dinner last year. 🙂

6. Favourite Tree Ornament–the Christmoose that I bought in Heidelberg, Germany in 2004.  Started a long history of exchanging ornaments with my Australia friend.  Now my tree also has Christ-koalas, Christ-a-roos, Christ-ma-puses and also a Christ-pineapple. lol.

7.  Most memorable Christmas–having my Aussie Girls in Winnipeg for Christmas in 2007.  Amazing fun and I really felt content having so many people I loved all in the same city (my friends from Ottawa were also in town).



8. Here is the aforementioned Christmaspus.

9. Easiest person to buy for–my Aussie friend, D.

10. Favourite holiday scent–fresh baked that a holiday scent?

11. Favourite Christmas tradition–Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family–I look forward to it sooo much.

12. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper. All. The. Way.  You can’t rip into gift bags, after all…

13.  Favourite Christmas Book–How the Grinch Stole Christmas

14. Real or artificial tree? Artificial for me.  I have allergies around pine and I like having my trees up early.  Yes, I said trees.

15.  The best gift I have given–hmm…tough one.  I gave my friend T a cashmere sweater almost ten years ago and she still wears it–so I think that would qualify.  I also have a great gift for my dad this year–tickets to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch when we are in Florida.  He’s wanted to go for years and now he will finally get his chance.

16. Hardest person to buy for–my brother….hands down.

Canadian Parliament at Christmas--2010

Canadian Parliament at Christmas–2010

17.  Post a picture of an old Christmas card?  ummm…I don’t have that, though I do have something close to an old holiday postcard–a picture of Canadian Parliament in Ottawa in 2010…all decked out for the holidays.

18.  When do you open gifts: All my gifts are opened on Christmas day.  Starting off at my dad’s house in the morning with him and my brother and then off to my grandma’s.

19. Favourite Stocking Stuffer–Sweets…not that I need them.

20. Favourite Christmas Meal–my grandma’s cabbage rolls–stuffed with buckwheat and ground pork. She makes them special for me every year–and I could eat the entire pot of them. 🙂  Yay for Ukrainian food.

21. Do you travel on the holidays? Nope…but I have spent one Christmas away from home–in Australia.  Very different being in summer and on the beach on Christmas day and not snow.

22. Egg nog or hot chocolate–Hot Chocolate all the way–esp. with some Baileys. 🙂

23. Plans for Christmas 2012–baking a few pies, going for a run, 2 Christmas dinners–dinner one with a friend from grad school and her family, the next with my family from my dad’s side.  Christmas day will be with my brother and dad…and then off to my grandparents followed by a trip to see Les Mis with my Auntie.

24. Favourite Christmas Eve Tradition–seeing my dad’s side of the family.  Hosting duties rotate between my dad and his brothers.  Last year my dad hosted (which meant I was cooking).  This year I’m going to my Uncle C and Auntie E’s place.

25.   Oddly…there wasn’t a 25, despite the title….so I’m going to make one up–Do you buy yourself a Christmas present every year?  If so, what did you buy?  I do buy myself a gift, but I have yet to do so this year.  It’s going to be something useful like a dressy winter coat or new sports bras…but I’m waiting to see if I can score after Christmas deals. 🙂

Much luv and happy holidays!