This is a picture of a frustrated girl in the midst of a running rut.

I have tried pops of speed. I tried mini walk breaks in my run. I have tried slow and steady. I have even tried days off.

Still. I can’t shake my rut. I begin to run and immediately my legs feel tight, sore and physically exhausted all at once. I can barely make it 2 miles without a break.

This is so frustrating. I have my dream race in 7 weeks…and i am nowhere near where i want to be for training. It was frustrating enough for my October race….but this one is a bucket lister and i am going to suck the joint out.


That is all for my rant. I am going to continue my sulking on the stationary bike and try to avoid smearing my make up which I forgot to wash off before coming to the gym.

Much luv and thanks for listening to my vent sesh,