I know everyone has them…the dream list of things you want to do before you die.  It may evolve as you age, and the list may grow with new things to replace the ones you have done…but…there is something compelling about those lists….they are like a non numerical measure of your life…your dreams…you desires.

Here is a picture of my bucket list from when I was graduating high school–it was an assignment (which, for the record, I got 18/20 on) we had to complete for actual credit.  Clearly I was a big fan of print shop/clip art at the time. lol.  I am pleased to say that I have succeeded in accomplishing a decent number of these things on the list (including swimming with sharks, graduating university, going to Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower…and puking on top of it, too lol; running a marathon, white water rafting and meeting my favourite Canadian band, The Tragically Hip).

Circa 1998.

Circa 1998.

Several months ago I had blogged about the idea of these lists…but it was in reference to the reason I began my blog–essentially using a to do list style format to try and figure things out and give me a sense of accomplishment after going through an emotional rough patch in my life.…but I didn’t call them bucket lists…I called them life lists…somehow the idea of things to do before i kick the bucket lists sounded a smidge to morbid for me. 🙂  Ironically, the life list idea isn’t all that new as I only now, after uploading the above photo, realize that this assignment is titled “My Life List.”

I decided that it was about time that I posted these crazy lists because they are not doing me any good sitting in the draft folder of my “Pages” section of my blog for another six months (I originally wrote them in June…so a few things have already been achieved on these lists).  Plus I mentioned them in my Resolutions post from this morning and it re-energized my urge  to share them….and, truthfully, what better time to pop them up for the world to see than the eve of a new year-what I hope will be my lucky 2013. 🙂

So without further ado.  Here are my lists and the links to them.

Life List: General

Life List: Fitness

Life List: Baking

Life List: Cooking

Life List: Running

Life List: Travel

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