Happy New Year Y’all!

I can’t believe 2013 is here…and the holidays are over…..and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Needless to say I am envious of teachers who are still off from work for a few more days.

On a more positive note, today was pretty darn good. I slept in a bit thanks to a swinging, loud shindig on my street. Then I headed to Starbucks to get my grandma her fave drink and head over for a visit and to wish my grandpa a happy 87th birthday.


Still handsome even with his age and deteriorating health (and yes I know the pic is horribly blurry–I let my cousin take the photos). Very, very lucky to still have him around!

Then I headed over to my lovely American friend’s house to participate in her new tradition–a New Year’s brunch. Her and her hubby invited about a dozen or so people for a delicious feast. We then played a board game called apples to apples, which was amazingly fun.

What was also noteworthy and sorta fun for me at the breakfast is that one of my friend’s guests was flirting with me–and I actually recognized it and such and attempted to try and flirt back!!!!! To quote Craig Ferguson of the Late, Late Show…”I KNOW!!!!!”.

Based on my less than stellar attempted flirty quips back to the guy in questions, it is clear that my flirting skills definitely need some work, but hey…it is progress! Especially given my Saturday pub boy chatting successes this past weekend (chatted with 5 different guys in one night-not flirty chatting, mind you, but chatted nonetheless)…and yes, I know this last bit of information is not at all related to New Years Day. Lol.

From my friends late brunch, I headed home to change, wash off my make up and pack up my hot yoga gear. It took every bit of determination and motivation, but I got my sweat on and felt pretty darn good about myself once it was all said and done.

And now I am winding down, eating a late dinner of leftover pizza and blogging. Nice way to end the night, if I do say so myself…so on that note, I am going to say good night.

Love Leesah

P.S. I almost forgot! I am participating in the photo a day challenge from the blog Fat Mum Slim. “Today” is the theme for January 1. And since I practically lived in my car today, here is a pic of me in my car. And, no, I am not driving. I like my money in my pocket far more than the local police’s pocket. Lol!