I cannot believe the Christmas holidays are over.  It seems like yesterday that I was counting down for them to begin.

On the plus side, however, my trip to Florida is only 51 days away (36 working days…but I’m not counting…lol).  Not long to get my fitness up for the race, but at this point, it’s about doing my best and staying injury free so I can complete the race misery free.  If by some miracle I get a decent time in, well, that is simply a bonus…and, truthfully, stranger things have happened.  🙂

Actually, I am noticing a lot of surprising positives about life in general today–which is surprising given I am back at work.   Here are just a few things that I have brought me joy in my first few waking hours of this Wednesday that feels like a Monday:

  • I managed to wake up rather easily this morning…despite this being my first day back and having a horrible sleep last night.
  • I realized that I will be able to attend my friend’s bachelorette party in Ottawa as I will be there on business a few days earlier.
  • Though slighty snug, my pants still fit, post holidays and yesterday’s delicious carb fest.
  • I am heading back to cross fit today and it is a running WOD.
  • It’s pay-day.
  • It’s not freezing cold out today…only about -10 degrees celcius…far better than our usual January weather, which can dip into the -40s (which is the same in Fahrenheit, btw).
  • I have several boxing day purchases that will arrive any day now…including a few J. Crew treats, a foot pod for my new Garmin (yes, I finally joined that club after running for almost 7 years), and new sports bras.

How did you wake up this morning?  Are you back at work?  Happy?  Sad?  Mad?  Meh?  Is there anything positive about your day so far?  Has it sucked the joint out?  Why?

Take care,