I am bringing back the Gratitude Challenge for 2013. I found that in my last few weeks of not doing it, I truly missed it and missed the sense of contentment and appreciation it provided me.

I am beginning a few days early on this challenge(ie technically including two days of 2012)…as I like to use them and start them on Sundays. Oh and one more reminder, this list is made up of things that made me happy or that I am grateful for….and three items will be listed each day.

So without further ado–my first 2013 gratitude list…

Sunday- 12/30/12

1. I made a delicious brunch of lemon ricotta hot cakes and bacon for a friend I haven’t seen in awhile.

2. Adrian Peterson and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings squeaked in a victory over the Green Bay Packers for a spot in the play-offs….which served as a most excellent distraction for my best run in several weeks.

3. I have taken the first step towards my 2013 goal of improving my photography skills–I now have weekly photo dates with my friend J. 🙂

Monday- 12/31/12

1. I took the second step towards my photography goal–I bought a camera/lens cleaning kit and now everything is sparkly clean!

2. I didn’t have to cook dinner tonight.

3. I am enjoying a night doing what I want to do…and it is awesome.

Tuesday- 01/01/13

1. I recognized someone flirting with me today…made an attempt to flirt back (fail).

2. I dragged my butt to a hot yoga class–despite my butt’s immense protests. Lol.

3. I was able to wish my grandpa a happy 87th birthday.

Wednesday -01/02/13

1. Woke up for work and didn’t feel like death.

2. Eventually, when I started feeling like death, I was kind to myself and didn’t torture myself with a cross fit session.

3. I was able, however, to get in a 4 mile run, which didn’t make me feel worse, nor better….aside from the contentment of knowing I got in a run.

Thursday – 01/03/13

1. I didn’t call in sick for work, despite still feeling awful (not sick but just icky) and I was actually productive at work.

2. I allowed myself a night off from all physical activity–except sleep.

3. I decided to experiment with my favourite comfort food when I’m sick (Trader Joe’s organic white cheddar mac and cheese) by throwing bacon in it. Fabulous, successful experiment.

Friday – 01/04/13

1. I don’t feel awful. Hurrah!

2. I went to cross fit (hurrah and ouch).

3. I had a post cross fit lavender epsom salt bath (heaven).

Saturday – 01/15/13

1. I am grateful that my car was only mildly vandalized on Saturday night (during the social experiment), and most importantly, that nobody was hurt–aside from my bank account. 😦


2. I get to see my niece today and give her her Christmas gifts.

3. Successful attempt at my social experiment of “living flirtatiously.”

Anything that you are feeling grateful for this week?