Good Morning!

After what could be the most bizarre weekend I have had in a while.  Between my car being vandalized, people completely missing appointments (plumber), people mixing up addresses (UPS delivered to packages to my neighbour two doors down–thank goodness she found them in their mysterious hiding place and that she is honest and the cable company came to my house instead of the same number on a different street a block away), my friend mixing up times for my photo date and me just having a really horrible night’s sleep on Saturday, well, I am glad that it’s over and a new week is here.

My week is a tame one.  Some runs, some cross fit, appointment with my car insurances peeps to assess the damage from Saturday night, likely work from home day when I can get a plumber to come in…work isn’t too bad either–just a few meetings and some easy projects I need to work on.  I hope that life actually sticks to my aforementioned planned.  I’m too tired for shenanigans right now.

Before I sign off, I just need to offer a quick update on my social experiment of living flirtatiously….ready? Here it goes….

I definitely dressed to the sevens.  Jeans, ankle boots, Johnny Cash T-shirt of that photo where he flipping the bird (my friend read somewhere to wear a “distinguish-er” (or a concept that is also known as Peacocking) that can act as a conversation piece), and a boyfriend blazer.  I also toned down my make up to something just a hint over natural–ie slightly heavier eye liner and a bit more shimmer (I would normally do a smokey eye when going out).  Hair was just air-dried with a bit of argan oil in it.  My natural hair texture has the slightest wave where it looks intentional…(yeah, I’m lucky in the hair department).

I got their and waited alone with my drink for about 10-15 minutes before my friends got there.  My shirt already garnered some attention from the bar staff and one guy walked by me,  I smiled at him and he winked and said “hottie” under his breath (yes…I am finally starting to look guys in the eye now as they walk by).  Sometime later this guy found me again because he finally had enough liquid courage to talk to me…which was equally sweet and horrible for him because, by that point, he was slurring his words pretty decently and couldn’t really converse with much clarity.

There were also a small group of five guys (about seven years younger than me, I found out) who flagged down my friend and I after one small scan and smile around the room from me.  It blows my mind as to how well just a smile works.  We chatted with them briefly and soon made our exit as it was clear that, aside from the Minnesota Vikings and hailing from the same part of town, we didn’t have all that much in common.

Throughout the night, I had little chats with guys, but nothing major…but they were all, ironically started by my t-shirt.  Apparently the Man in Black has an even larger fan base and recognition that I realized.

So I think the idea of having a distinguish-er works.  I would also argue it helps if it is something that is “easy” to make into a conversation piece.  I also think that the fact that I tried to have an overall “sevens” over “nines” look, helped too.  I think that it gave me an air of just being a “regular girl” and not a glammed up, unapproachable one.

I look forward to our next adventure out.  I am definitely going to look around more and smile and see what happens. I’m also loving that this is becoming slightly easier every time I do it.  Maybe next time I can pull a look and smile and a cute guy in the gym (wait, who am I kidding–my gym clientele is mostly oldies (senior citizens), or coffee shop. lol.

As for a new thing to test out, well, I haven’t found it yet…time to do some internet research.  If you have an flirting tips/chat up lines, etc that you want to see tested out, please let me know in the comments.

Much luv and happy Monday,