Oh Garmin…you lil’devil.  Though, truthfully, you aren’t little…you are one huge mutha of a watch.

Yes, you are the best GPS watch of all time and runners around the world love you for your incredible ability to track every single morsel of data possible like pacing, mapping, courses, heart rate, distance, etc.

But, you evil Garmin…you and your instruction manual are USELESS and your buttons are not at all intuitive.  I couldn’t get a workout started at all–all you kept doing was trying to locate satellites–which was perfect for my treadmill run. 😐

And that was just the start….despite having tried to calibrate my foot pod after work last night (which took an hour because the foot pod and watch weren’t syncing), it didn’t work and I was about .75 of a mile out.  Then I tried to recalibrate it with the treadmill, which was mildly successful* and then finish the last half of my run…so in the end…I started my run 5 different times.  Very hard to get into a zone and get a solid run when you are stopping a bunch of times.  Needless to say, all these frustrations and false starts meant I had a 6 mile run rather than an 8 mile run.

* I say mildly successful because I think the new treadmills at my gym are far faster than their posted speeds.  Does anyone know if that happens?  Do different brands tend to run fast or slow?

I am going to try my Garmin again later this week once I recalibrate it.  I hope that the local high school track is somewhat plowed or I will have to try to find other ways to calibrate as running through knee-deep snow surely won’t make for a solid calibration.

If anyone has any tips on getting this beast of a running watch working, I will be incredibly grateful.

Much luv,