I can’t believe it’s only 6 weeks away. 6 weeks til palm trees, warm air, roller coasters, princesses, those infamous ears…. 🙂

This also means it is 6.5 weeks until my race…eek.  Wish me luck that I can get some super amazing training runs in during the next few weeks so I don’t die during this dream/buck list satisfying race.  Oh and also wish me luck that I can secure my fancy tiara that my friend gave me to wear for the race so that it doesn’t annoy me to death or fall out (and thus, annoy me to death).   Actually, I should probably do a test run of my race outfit (not literally run though because I’ll look nuts) to make sure everything fits and nothing is too tight or cumbersome.

Wow…just thinking about my trip in the last few moments has totally changed my perspective on today.  I woke up tired and not exactly cranky, but with that I just need the weekend to sleep vibe, that I am sure everyone gets from time to time.  I also woke up with the tiniest bit of DOMS from my cross fit workout last night.  It was the satisfying type…not the type that inhibits you…rather the kind that lets you know you worked hard (not that you didn’t work hard in the first instance…but it’s more of a pain in the ass, I would argue).

Tonight’s cross fit wod, well, it will be really good challenge as it feature a few of my most hated exercises.  Lots of rowing(2KMS–I like rowing so I’m not too worried about that…and I like cardio), then a round of cardio strength moves: 20 burpees…(lord how I HATE these dizziness inducing moves); 20 wall balls (I always end up smacking myself in the face with the medicine ball so again, not a favourite); and 20 push ups (meh–no real opinion except by the time I get to them, I think my arms will be rubber–thus increasing the probability of a push up turning into a face plant).  The benefit of this, however, are two-fold.  First, it is improving my fitness and making me tougher–all of which will make my Disney race better, especially if my training doesn’t improve like I’m hoping it will, post treadmill mind-eff.  Second, and at this point, most importantly, it is going to give my legs a break so they will be fresh for my weekend training runs.

On that note, I am going to make some tea and officially start my work day.  Happy Friday to you all and if there is something you are counting down to, let me know in the comments! 🙂