Week 2 of my Gratitude Challenge. Already I am feeling grateful to out last week to bed and begin fresh and new.

Sunday – 01/06/2013

1. Photo Date was a freezing but awesome experience! I am incredibly excited to keep learning all these fab things with my camera. Drinking coffee with Bailey’s and eating coconut thin cookies from Trader Joe’s while warming up and learning Adobe Lightroom didn’t hurt either.

2. Nothing bad happened today after a weird/annoying/slightly bad weekend.

3. I had a day where I truly realized what amazing friends I have in my life. They support, excitement, understanding and love is a truly amazing thing.

Monday – 01/07/2013

1. I ran six miles…better than no miles.

2.  Work was very, very low-key–perfect as I was feeling completely sleep deprived.

3. I had a piece of peanut butter with toast and blueberry jam for dinner.  I didn’t want anything too big before my run and it felt like such a treat since I’m aiming for a moderate paleo style of eating for the time being.

Tuesday – 01/08/2013

1. The mind f@ck I have carried around about my inability to run might just be over after discovering once and for all that the new treadmills at my gym are not calibrated properly.

2. I managed to use my Garmin without wanting to throw it through a window.

3.  I did some much-needed rehab for about 45 minutes on my legs.

Wednesday – 01/09/2013

1.  Best cross fit WOD ever–it found that balance of being challenging but enjoyable.  LOVE!

2.  Found out that one of my musical heroes, Leonard Cohen, is coming back to Winnipeg to do a concert in March

3.  It’s Wednesday…which means that this long work week is half over.

Thursday – 01/10/2013

1. It’s six weeks til Disney.  Squee!

2. I ran 5 glorious, breezy five miles without any of my earlier hangups.

3.  Allowed myself to stay up a little later and read whilst lounging under my electric blanket.

Friday – 01/11/2013

1. Avoided going out into a blizzard because I was working from home.

2. Indulged in some delicious comfort food–home-made perogy/perogies with jalapeño jack cheese and potato filling.

3. Gave myself a night off from the gym after noticing my knees were swollen to the point of resembling tree trunks.

Saturday – 01/12/2013

1. Banana pancakes for breakfast.

2. Spent my morning trying to learn Adobe Lightroom 4 (so overwhelming but exciting)

3.  Knees are slightly less swollen….must suck up being cold and get back to a very strict and regular icing regime.

What are you feeling gratitude for?

Luv Leesah