It blows my mind, at times, how quickly time can fly and yet, how it can also feel like it is actually moving in reverse, like it felt for me this past Thursday.

Unfortunately, this weekend felt like time flew…and well, I definitely could use another weekend because I am exhausted….but, I also feel accomplished, which is great.

Friday, as you may recall, I worked from home…which was perfect given that a blizzard hit the city. The worst part of the storm hit in the evening so I used that as my reason to use my day off from the gym that night.

Saturday I managed to briefly ventured out of the house a few times. Once to the gym for a slow but pleasant 7 mile run (yes, I told you, I am back!). The second time was out to meet my friend J and her friend L for drinks for our social experiment, which, I’m sad to report, was a bust for the first time. The freezing cold weather (-30 Celsius) and poor road conditions remaining from Friday’s blizzard appeared to keep people at home in their jammies. No matter, though, we had some good laughs, which made it worth it.

Sunday I made chocolate croissants from scratch (thanks Bouchon Bakery Cookbook)….see? (yeah, I’m feeling proud, boastful, etc).


So flaky and buttery



I also took a mid day break from croissants to hit up the Assiniboine Park Conservatory (where they essentially have a massive green house with a TON of neat plants) and had a photo date with my friend J.  What made this photo date especially awesome was that she borrowed a macro lens, a macro zoom lens, a wide-angle/fish eye lens.  It was an absolute blast and the pictures these lenses enabled me to take, well, they were mind-blowing.  I kept saying “wow” or “holy” or “gosh” every 30-45 seconds because I would take these pics and they would actually look like what I wanted to take in my head.  I had my mind blown multiple times yesterday afternoon, thanks to those lenses.

What is even cooler is now my friend has given me an assignment–pick and edit about a dozen of my favourite shots as well as a few that I like but can’t put my finger on what is wrong…I’m very excited to learn and get the critique on the stuff I have shot.

So yeah…that was my weekend in a nutshell…oh and I did an hour of cardio on Sunday…to add to the non-stop pace of the day. lol.

Tonight I have four hot dates….the first with my car insurance to have my vehicle’s vandalism assessed.  The second date is with my treadmill at the gym for a 10 mile run while watching the biggest loser.  The third date is with my washer and dryer and pile of sweaty workout gear.  The fourth and final date is with my yoga mat, foam roller and ice pack.

Jealous?  Of course you are! 😉  Who or what do you have a hot date with today?

Much luv,