Comment ca-va?

Gosh…I am so out of practice with my French…I’m not even sure if I spelled “amis” right (maybe it is amies? Can’t remember if the plural includes the feminine “e”). Plus I can’t figure out how to put the proper accents in…*sigh*

But I digress. I am only greeting you en Francais because I started today with a coffee and chocolate croissant from Parlour–my favourite indie/local coffee shoppe. I needed something to shake my migraine hangover from yesterday…unfortunately, though both things were thoroughly enjoyed and incredibly tasty, they didn’t shake that fuzz. In fact, only now, several hours later has the haze finally started to lift.

And no. Even though I spent my weekend baking and then eating chocolate croissants, I’m not sick of them. In fact, for the first time in my life, I have found myself actually craving chocolate. Weird. And no, that “time” has come and gone so I don’t think this odd craving is related…nor am I preggers so don’t go starting that rumour! 😉 I do hope, however, that this chocolate craving thing is super short lived…or I might have to buy a new wardrobe.

Actually, speaking of running and knees, yesterday’s migraine did me a solid in one running specific way–I took the night off (second night off from running) and the immense swelling that has plagued my knees for weeks has gone down significantly. It’s still kinda swollen and stiff, but I can actually see the outline of my knee cap now. Thrilling I know. Makes me wonder how tonight’s run will go and what my knees might look like after it. I’m hoping they will look like knees, rather than puffy, swollen, lumpy, skin-coloured tree trunks.

And on that note, I should probably eat my lunch (which doesn’t include chocolate) and get back to work–lots to do and I hope that I find that much talked about “flow” so that time flies and soon I will be on my way home and one day closer to the weekend and my trip to Florida (5 weeks today)!

A bientot!

Leesah (or I guess if I was continuing with the French thing, I could put Lise…er Leeze). lol.