Again, I am playing catch up with my FatMumSlim Daily Photo Challenge. I blame my migraine and partially, a lack of inspiration for Day 15….but then it came to me a few hours ago…something that used to be extraordinary for me–putting in eye drops–has become ordinary thanks to the freezing cold and resulting dry air in my office.


For day 16, I had many, many ideas….though this was my fave by far….especially given my crazy chocolate cravings of late.


And finally, day 17. The theme is ready and truth be told, I think this picture proves I am ready…well, at least my costume is, for the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon! Note the amazing tiara from Tower of London and the skirt from a children’s clothing store n Detroit, MI. Oh and don’t worry–I WILL be wearing tights underneath the skirt. I just didn’t feel like amassing all the layers for a quick photo!


Say Cheese!