My third installment of Gratitude for 2013–enjoy!

Sunday – 13/01/2013

1. I got to play with fancy camera lenses that my friend borrowed from her man. So. Much. Fun.

2. I made croissants from scratch and they were amazing. 🙂 Feeling very proud…and buttery.

3. I learned that having a grande americano at 5 in the afternoon is not a good strategy for a sound sleep or a relaxed evening.

Monday – 14/01/2013

1. Ate more croissants. Zero Guilt. Amazing.

2. Car Insurance–saving me $140ish dollars on my vandalism repair (My deductible is $200 and the repair is at least $340.

3. Decent speed work run, especially with my swollen knees.

Tuesday – 15/01/2013

1. Made a super delicious dinner of spiced honey chicken thighs (new recipe) and sauteed garlic broccoli–which i sorta improvised a bit on since I was out of a few things–and improvising in the kitchen is just not something I do (it’s the baker in me, lol).

2.Got to bed relatively early.

3. Didn’t beat myself up too much about my shittay attempt at a 10 miler.

Wednesday – 16/01/2013

1. Bought myself a new lens for my camera–only $140.

2. Was able to sleep away most of the night thanks to the onset of my migraine.

3. I didn’t have to cook dinner. Score.

Thursday – 17/01/2013

1. Work hasn’t completely annoyed me today.

2. I got to start my day Parlour Coffee goodness.

3. My migraine is gone and my knees only resemble slightly puffy tree trunks (for the time being) post tem miler.

Friday – 18/01/2013

1. Lunch at Peasant Cookery with my co-worker, R.

2. A night head that is promised to no one.

3. Row 3 Leonard Cohen Tickets–right in the centre, on the floor. Squee, baby, Squee! 😉

Saturday – 19/01/2013

1. It’s Saturday. That is more than enough reason to be grateful.

2. My sore throat has improved.

3. I got a much needed massage.

Much luv!