Morning Y’all!

As I have mentioned a bunch of times, I am going to hit a big bucket list item for me next month by running the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon.

*insert loud Squee here*

As part of this whole Disney Race mania, you can do something called the Coast to Coast Challenge–where essentially you run a race at Disneyland and Disney World and you get a third “Coast to Coast” Medal.  I knew upon singing up for the Princess that I was going to make this coast to coast dream a reality for 2013 by running the Disneyland Half again on Labour Day Long weekend this summer.

What I didn’t know, however, is that they are adding a new, 10K race…and a new “challenge” called The Dumbo Double Dare–where you run this new 10K race and then run the half marathon the next day–it’s like a version of the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in Disney World.

So that is my extra bonus–I am going to do this Dumbo Double Dare!  So  not only will I get to run in the inaugural 10K, but I will also run the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare AND I will get my Coast to Coast challenge completed.  Which means one trip to run a race will net me 4 finish medals! 🙂

*insert slightly louder squee*

Now I just need to find someone crazy enough to come with me! lol!  Any takers?  Registration opens today!

Much luv and happy running!