Happy Friday Y’all,

Long time no blog, eh?  Sadly I have been hunkered down in my artificially dark bedroom waiting for a migraine to pass.  Thankfully, in the last hour, it has finally disappeared.  During the past three days, when I wasn’t curled up in the fetal position or sleeping, I was watching daytime TV….and some of it was good and some of it is just terrible.  Thus, without further ado are my fab five list of daytime TV shows.

1.  The Price is Right–though it’s not the same as the old days with Bob Barker, I still feel a bit of fondness towards my favourite childhood game show.

2. The Chew–In case you haven’t seen it, this is a new-ish talk show about food.  It has a number of co-hosts (including Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear, Dr. Oz’s daughter, Mario Battalli, and two other people whom I have never heard of until the show) and all of their “talk” is about food and gadgets and such, which I find somewhat interesting.

3.  The Jeff Probst Show–A new addition to the day time TV talk show realm…and I’m finding myself to be a fan. Granted I have never seen Jeff on his other show (yes…that’s right, I have NEVER seen an episode of survivor), but I like the way he interacts on his own talk show.  He really involves the audience and even does these crazy little segments like “ask a guy” (though I’m not sure if that is what it’s called) and he also does a ” say yes challenge’ sort of deal, where he challenges someone in the audience to do something and the idea is that the face their fear and just say yes…and its really fascinating and entertaining.

4. The Today Show–I love U.S. morning news programs.  They are so smooth, professional and prepared for their segments.  Our local stations in Winnipeg all have their own morning shows and they are HORRIBLE.  They make horrible errors in pronunciation (one would think that they’d look through their script so they know what words could be an issue for them), they do a weird internet segment with a ditzy woman who can’t work her smartboard, nor can she string together a coherent thought and they have even made light of celebrity deaths, which, in my opinion is just in bad taste.  The Today Show and the rest of the roster, just don’t do these sorts of horrible things and it makes me appreciate them all the more.

5.  Dr. Oz–I have mixed feelings on Dr. Oz, but I watch his show nearly every day.  Though I love that he inspires people to get healthy and also helps people become more aware of warning signs of health problems and such, I don’t like that he only seems to barely scratch the surface on a number of these health problems. I think that, as long as you watch it with a curious mind, you are fine…just don’t take it all in without any sort of filter or questions….does that make sense?  Oh and why in the world would Dr. Oz have Charlie Sheen on his show!?!?!?  That also made me lose a smidge of respect for him

What are your favourite day time tv indulgences?

Much luv,