I’ll still be a little behind…but here are Days 25-27 for the #FMSPHOTOADAY Challenge:

My new running landscape.

My new running landscape..

Day 25: Landscape – See, I am taking a bit of creative license with this “landscape” photo.  Partially because of the fact that Winnipeg doesn’t have much of a landscape….and when it’s winter and slightly mild (and thus, sloppy), it is not the prettiest landscape to photograph.  Another definition of landscape, according to the Bing search engine is:

the general situation providing the background to a particular type of activity.

This photo reflects my new general situation to my running.  I am not even going to comment on the mixture of emotions this contraption elicits right now–that is a completely different post.



Australia day 2011

Australia day 2011

Day 26:  Together

Since January 26th is Australia Day and the lovely lady behind the FatMumSlim Photo A Day Challenge is an Australian, I figure I would dip into my archive files and find a picture that best exemplifies Australia and “together.”  Ironically this photo was also taken two years ago, to the day, on Australia Day 2011.  I was in Australia for my bestie’s wedding and we celebrated the big day at the Harbour.  You can see the infamous Harbour Bridge behind us.  I love this photo because it is me and my friend, together, in one of my most favourite places in the world.

Sun breaking through the clouds on a mild day

Sun breaking through the clouds on a mild day

Day 27: Sun

Winter in Winnipeg is usually quite sunny…well…sorta.  When the weather is mild, there is no sun.  The days are grey, but warm as the clouds trap the heat.  The moment a sunny day breaks, well, cold weather is on your way.  It does make winter a bit more pleasant in some ways, but it is also blinding and the cold is not often welcomed.  This photo represents a small break in the clouds on a very recent mild day.

Enjoy y’all! 🙂

Luv Leesah