Morning Y’all,

In case you couldn’t tell by my relative absence this week, I needed some pouting time regarding my running future.  I wouldn’t say I’m “over” it, but I’m definitely at peace with it for the time being…until I get a proper diagnosis.

So now I’m all about trying to burn off the massive amount of cheese and failed chocolate macarons I have eaten in the last 36 hours and focus on my race to come.  I am going to hit the gym tonight for a run.  Not sure of the distance as I need to break in my knee brace.

Aside from stuffing my face, I have put a lot of thought into what I am going to do to stay somewhat fit during my running hiatus.  Now, the month of March will be a bit nutty as I will be coming from my Disney trip, traveling to Ottawa for a joint work/pleasure trip, as well as running around helping friends with different events (like wedding showers, bachelorettes and even a blood donation drive).

My goal is to focus on getting an hour of activity, six to seven days a week.  A friend of mine has already committed to attending some yoga classes with me and I’m going to try to hit a few spinning classes at my gym as well as getting my butt back into the pool for some swimming. I am also going to try to design a pretty decent weight training workout (which I’ve never really focused on before) that will hopefully keep me strong for any potential surgeries and ready for cross fit should I ever allowed to go back.

I will be traveling and gyms are not always available, my goal is to work in an hour of power walking….unless it is absolutely freezing…then I might just do a workout video in my hotel room (I have an old Jillian Michaels one on my ipad).

So yeah…onward and upward I guess. 🙂  Fingers crossed that today’s run with my new knee brace isn’t as annoying as my first two attempts.

Much luv,