Here’s what made me happy and/or grateful this week:

Sunday – 27/01/2013

1. I slept in until 10:30 for the first time in ages.  YES!

2. I ran 6 miles, surprisingly pain free.

3. I used FaceTime for the first time to chat with friends in Ottawa for planning a bachelorette party. So. Fun. 🙂

Monday – 28/01/2013

1. I have the medical OK to run my half marathon in Florida.

2. My new/annoying knee brace didn’t cost me a penny.

3.  My favourite contestant from The Biggest Loser kicked some major arse this week.

Tuesday – 29/01/2013

1. $423 dollars later I have a perfect car again–with a replaced rear view mirror and block heater.

2. I am opting to ease my running career stress with a nice, low impact workout and a chocolate macaron baking session.

3. My aforementioned macarons were a fail (I undermixed–this is what happens when you bake them while making dinner), but I am proud to say that they were still delicious.

Wednesday – 30/01/2013

1. I surprised my grandma by dropping off an ice cream cake that I had a Groupon for.  Was nice to see her and dear ol’ grampy.

2.  I bought a running skirt from lululemon to test out to see if it is compatible with that hideous knee brace contraption. If it works, it will be worth feeling overtly girly (no offense to those who like running skirts, but I don’t feel that they are “me”).

3. Finally started to feel less down about  this whole knee thing…took a few days, but the proverbial cloud is finally starting to lift.

Thursday – 31/01/2013

1. I was the only person in my office today.  It was tremendously quiet and free of the smell of stale cigarette smoke.  I haven’t been this productive at work in a long time.

2. Got all of my groceries for making eclairs on the weekend…very nervous and excited by this cooking challenge.

3. The lulu running skirt appears to be compatible with my knee brace.  My knee brace, however, isn’t compatible with me.  I’m giving it one last shot after I talk to my physio therapist about my dramas.

Friday -01/02/2013

1. I had a dinner date with my friend L today.  Was great fun as always–love, love spending time with her.

2. I went to physio….and was given the ok to temporarily ditch my knee brace for my last few weeks of training!

3. I did a funky side fishtail braid thing with my hair when I went out for dinner tonight and received several compliments.

Saturday -02/02/2013

1. I ran 5 nearly pain free miles…and did them at a much quicker pace than I have been running of late.  Yay for no knee brace.

2. Fancy grilled cheese and homemade eclairs night with one of my high school buds–she did the grilled cheeses (4 “varieties” – gouda and bacon with apple or pear, gouda with basil and apple or pear, white cheddar and bacon with apple or pear, and white cheddar with basil and apple or pear).  They were so good….my homemade eclairs…were a bit of a fail, but still tasty.

3.  Wine.  Along with the decadent food, my friend and I opened a bottle of Malbec…so delicious….and it’s been awhile since I have had a nice glass of vino.

What are you feeling grateful for?  What is making you happy of late?  Let me know! 🙂