I am about 5 hours into my day and I have spent a good part of it laughing so hard I was crying….a most excellent way to start a Monday if you ask me.

Why was I laughing you might ask?  Well, it’s because my friend’s nearly 7-year-old daughter discovered a “magical button” (B’s words) that allowed her to email the iPad photos that she took with her Strawberry Shortcake app, and she (proudly) sent them to me (as well as some others, who have not yet been identified) at work.

I called my friend just to give her a heads up and two more photos came in so my friend had to shut it down as she wasn’t sure who else was receiving these “magical” emails.  Apparently little B was crestfallen when she had to stop until my friend L got home.

Then we there was some general office humour and the sharing of a youTube clip that made me laugh so hard, that I could barely catch my breath…plus this is now completely stuck in my head….”ain’t nobody got time for that…”

Seriously, every day should be filled with this much laughter and endorphins…I cannot remember the last time I laughed like this and for so long.

Hope you are having a laugh filled Monday, too. 🙂 If you have enjoyed some laughs today, share them in the comments! 🙂