Holy crap–six weeks into the year already!? Where does the time go? Here is my list of all things happy and grateful…and this list is def. better late than never. 🙂

Sunday – 03/02/2013

1. Bacon and Eggs for dinner.

2. Season 1 marathon of Walking Dead to distract me during my workout.

3. Being slightly vegetative for a good part of the day.

Monday – 04/02/2013

1. My friend’s daughter discovering the “magical” email button and sending me 3 odd photos to work.

2. 10 miles. Virtually pain-free and 4 minutes faster than last time.

3. My physio exercises. They are a bit annoying, but they seem to make a difference.


1. Am in the office for only half a work day–the other half I will be en route to Edmonton.

2. No crazy delays or seat mates on my flight.

3. I got in sixty minutes on the elliptical (see I am taking the low impact thing seriously) despite wanting to pass out in my bed.

Wednesday – 06/02/2013

1. I got a decent night’s sleep–feel so much better than yesterday.

2. Super productive meetings and I didn’t get lost.

3. Got a free upsize to my berry refresher at Starbucks! Yay!

Thursday – 07/02/2013

1. I survived the day without crying (yes it was that good of a day).

2. I treated myself to a much-needed iPhone case.

3. I am home.  It’s been awhile since I have been this happy to get home.

Friday -08/02/2013

1. Worked only half a day today.

2. Visited with my grandparents this afternoon.

3. Finally found a pair of winter boots–regular $200 for $90…and they have grip and seem  quite warm.

Saturday -09/02/2013

1. I slept in and it was magical.

2. I ran four mostly pain-free miles (darn shin splints popped up a few days ago).

3.  Hung out with my lovely American friend and enjoyed a few brewskies. 🙂

Much Luv,