Morning Everyone,

I’m having one of THOSE mornings.

I’m going to try to get myself some air and some Parlour coffee after this as days like this can only be salvaged by one thing–and that is a brisk walk and some Parlour coffee.

My late post of my weekly gratitude list has also helped me put things in a bit of perspective on this icky morning.  Truth be told, not much as gone wrong exactly, just people I have dealt with have been difficult on a number of levels and my patience is dwindling.  It’s rather unfortunate, actually, as I started out my day in a pretty darned good mood.

I’m hoping my Parlour Pick Me-Up works. 🙂  And at worst, if it doesn’t, I burnt a few calories (it’s about a 15 minute walk each way), got some Vitamin D and imbibed some very delicious coffee. 🙂  Always a silver lining. lol.

So I am curious dear readers, how do you avoid sweating the annoying stuff?  Listen to good songs?  Take a walk?  Vent to a friend?  I am curious about what others do and to see if those ideas work for me.

Much Luv,