11 is the number of days til I run like a princess at Walt Disney World.

13.1 are the amount of miles I will run through Epcot Centre and the Magic Kingdom (squee!).

8 are the number of days until I leave for Florida.

5 are the number of dermologica products I just purchased to keep my post facial glow (it’s seriously amazing).

7 (and change) are the number of hours I have left to work until I can go home.

10 is the number of miles I need to run tonight–hopefully pain-free.

6 are the number of work things on my to do list today.

2 is the number of cups of coffee I have drunk this morning.

9 are the amount of “exercises” I need to do tonight as part of physiotherapy for my gimpy knee.

1 is for the sole “task” on my personal to do list tonight–the aforementioned 10 mile run.

So now that you know what my Wednesday looks like I’m curious about yours?  What does your Wednesday look like?  Did you have a good Tuesday?  As mentioned in my previous post, mine was a bit of an annoying one…but it’s over…so YAY! 🙂  Onward and upward, right!

Much luv,