Allo Everyone!

This week I am doing two top five lists to make up for missing last week….I know…bad blogger. lol.

For my Friday Fab Five #6 I am laying down five fab tips for traveling for a race.  Friday Fab Five list # 7 consists of the top five rides that I want to ride on my trip.

So without further ado….my Fab Five tips for traveling for a race–and these are tips I know well as out of my soon to be 10 half marathons, I have traveled out of province for 8 of them.  The others have been ran in Toronto, ON; Cornwall, ON; Fargo, ND; Anaheim (Disneyland), CA; and soon Orlando (Disney World), FL.

1. Travel with everything you need for race day in your carry on.  This includes sports bras, socks, undies, tops and bottoms, chargers for ipods/garmins, sun glasses, hair ties, shoes, etc.  You don’t want anything to ruin your usual flow for running so keep it all where you can see it and it’s not victim to lost luggage scenarios…Especially since we all know that running in new gear is a license for racing disaster.

2. Don’t drink the local water.  This sounds weird, but it’s true.  Local water will have slightly different chemistry and microscopic animal life which may affect your digestive system and cause for an uncomfortable and potentially messy run (if you get my drift).  This is not a commentary on the water quality of the place you are running at–it’s just what you are or aren’t used to.  Buy bottled water and drink it up until your race is over.

3. Have all your paperwork ready to go.  Printers are not always the easiest thing to find on the road.  Print out your waivers and google maps (if you don’t have a gps system) for the race expo and the start line so that your trips to pick up your race kit and actually run are calm.

4. Watch what you eat.  This is probably a common sense one, but I am putting it down anyway.  When traveling, eating healthfully is always a bit more difficult…and eating healthfully for a race is even more of an issue.  Try your best to hit up a grocery store and get stuff that you know agrees with your body for the run.  This is not the time to experiment and try different foods.

5. Set several alarms on race day…and set them early.  You’ve traveled all this way to go to a race–make sure you don’t sleep in.  Set a few alarms to make sure you are up and ready to hit the pavement on time.  Oh and make sure you get there early as bottle necks and traffic jams are always an issue around race start times.  Better to be early and relaxed at the start than be panicked and stressed.

Sounds like pretty good advice, eh? 🙂

And now onto my list of five rides I can’t wait to ride on my upcoming trip to Orlando.  There are so many theme parks and so little time–a girl has must be selective…and here are the rides I am most looking forward to riding:

1. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror–now that my favourite ride is closed for refurbishment (Splash Mountain), my next favourite ride is the one I wish to ride most.  Twilight Zone drops you 13 stories, but not without theatrics and throwing you up and letting you drop a few times.  It literally takes your breath away! 🙂

2. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket–a new extreme coaster in Universal.  I know this is one that I will be riding completely by myself–but it sounds amazing.  You can even customize what music you heard during your “experience.”  Here’s a little description:

An outdoor, vertical loop roller coaster, The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit winds and loops its way around the studios’ front lot and New York street set. And making this coaster movie themed, Universal Studios has added cameras to each seat. Riders choose a song to hear throughout their journey (anything from rap to country to disco) and then the entire journey is recorded on camera with the song being the soundtrack. Add in some movie magic special effects, and riders have a music video of their hair-raising ride on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit!

3.  The Forbidden Journey–one of the feature rides of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Am very pumped to check out this simulation ride where you:

Make your way through the hallways and corridors of Hogwarts castle.  Dumbledore welcomes you as you visit his office on the way to the Dark Arts classroom.  Harry, Ron, and Hermione meet you there and invite you to the Quidditch match instead of staying and listening to another boring lecture.  You then board special “enchanted benches” which allow you to soar above the castle grounds. Be prepared because during your journey you may encounter dragons, spiders, the Whomping Willow, and dementors!

Am also excited about just seeing the park.  I hear it makes your feel like you are really at Hogwarts…and I am SO getting a few butterbeers! 🙂

4. Expedition Everest– Animal Kingdom (Disney World).  They built this coaster a few years ago, but I’ve been eager to ride it since I heard about it (and heard my hair stylist tell me about it a few months ago after his most recent trip).   here is a description:

Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom isn’t the fastest or tallest roller coaster in Orlando, but it’s one of the best because what it lacks in speed and drops, it makes up for with a little bit of Disney magic and a lot of the unknown.

The unknown begins with you enter the queue area for Expedition Everest. The queue area is actually a museum of sorts dedicated to the great Yeti who is rumored to make his home on Mount Everest. You’ll see evidence of the Yeti’s existence including proof of the destruction the Yeti has caused previous travelers.

Then your train arrives to take you to the top of Mount Everest. At first, the ride is uneventful but things start to change as you encounter the track ahead of you mangled like a toy train track. Then, your fears are confirmed when the Yeti appears and send your train racing back down the track (yes, backwards) into the darkness.

5.  Mission Space-Epcot Centre (Disney World).  This one has actually led to people dying…so this could be an interesting mission.  Apparently there are two versions of this ride–the “real” one and the less intense version.  Here is a mini description–and truthfully, this is a ride I am doing after my race and likely at the end of my day in the parks…just in case the urge to spew, lol:

Mission Space is not for the faint of heart. It is intense and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This Disney attraction replicates a trip in to space using technology developed by NASA that is actually used to train real astronauts.

One of the first things you’ll notice as you climb into the spacecraft is the air sickness bags in the front pocket. That’s right, air sickness bag… and they are often needed as the flight in to space simulates the G-Forces that real astronauts experience. So if you have the Right Stuff to handle an intense flight simulator, then this is your mission.

Much luv and happy Friday to you all! 🙂